Outsourcing the Compliance Function

Outsourcing your compliance function is an effective way to reduce costs and effectively manage your regulatory risk.  Broker dealers and advisors who outsource compliance functions have reported that they’ve realized significant cost  savings of 26% on average versus handling compliance in house.

Whether designated as your Chief Compliance Officer on Form BD and fulfilling your compliance obligations or simply hired to facilitate compliance testing and assist you in managing your compliance functions, COS can provide several alternatives to outsourcing your compliance needs.

The compliance outsourcing function is particularly beneficial to:

  • smaller firms whose activities do not require a full time compliance employee or,
  • firms that attempt to manage compliance via a senior line position or a non-dedicated compliance resource.

By acting in the capacity of an independent contractor and offering a flat fee rate for its service, COS is able to save you from expenses associated with human resources and benefits while effectively managing your cash flows.  Regardless of the size, nature, and scope of your firm’s operations, COS has a turnkey compliance program tailored to address its regulatory obligations.